Said Batkibekov

Head of State & Infrastructure Group, Troika Dialog

Joined Troika Dialog from the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, where he held the position of Department Director for social-economic reform strategy. Over the period of his work in the ministry, Mr. Batkibekov oversaw the drafting and passage of a number of documents pertaining to budgetary and tax policy, pension and medical insurance, science and innovations.

In particular, Mr. Batkibekov headed preparation work for legal projects regulating the creation and functioning of special economic zones, special-purpose capital of nonprofit organizations, the particulars of pension savings investment, autonomous establishments and more. In addition, Mr. Batkibekov oversaw the preparation of documents regulating the activities of the Investment Fund of the Russian Venture Company.

Prior to the RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Mr. Batkibekov worked for 10 years at the Institute of Transition Period Economics conducting research in the sphere of taxation, social and labor policy and advising the Ministry of Finances, the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Labor on the above matters.

Said Batkibekov graduated from the Financial Academy under the Russian Federation Government and holds a candidate’s degree in economics.