Per Brilioth

Managing Director, Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd

Per Brilioth is a Board Member and Managing Director of Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd since 2007 and he is also President of Black Earth Farming. Between 1994 and 2000, he was head of Emerging Markets at Swedish investment bank Hagstroemer & Qviberg, and he has worked close to the Russian stock market for many years.

Other significant board assignments include Chairman of Black Earth Farming Ltd, Board Member at Kontakt East Holding AB, X5 Group AB, Port Capital AB, Aktiebolag H Bukowskis Konsthandel, Bukowski Strandvдgen Auktioner Aktiebolag, Bukowski Real Estate AB, Bukowski Auktioner Aktiebolag, Bukowski Holding AB, Port Capital Holding AB and Konsthandels Aktiebolaget Nybroviken, all of them Swedish companies active in various spheres of business and culture.

Mr. Brilioth is a graduate of Stockholm University and holds a Master of Finance from the London Business School.