Mikhail Abyzov

Chairman of the Board of Directors, RU-COM

Since 1993, Mikhail Abyzov has held management positions at a number of companies in the fuel and energy complex.

In 1998, he was named Deputy BoD Chairman of Novosibirskenergo. That same year, he joined the BoD of RAO UES and led the Department of Investment Strategy and Business Projects.

From 1999, he was Deputy Chairman of the BoD of RAO UES.

From June 2003, he was Chairman of the BoD of Russian Communal Systems.

From July 2005, he was General Director of Kuzbassrazrezugol, and from 2006 Chairman of the BoD of the British coal company Power Fuel and RU-COM.

From July 2007, he was Chairman of the BoD of E4 Group.

Also, in August 2007, he was elected Chairman of the BoD of Mostotrest.

He has a higher education with a specialization in mathematics.