Michael Stoppard

Managing Director of the Energy Research Council, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA)

Michael Stoppard is a member of IHS CERA’s Energy Research Council. He has over 20 years of specialized experience in the international gas business, and is responsible for the development and coordination of IHS CERA?s global and interregional coverage of gas markets and liquefied natural gas (LNG). In 2009-10, Mr. Stoppard led the development of the IHS CERA Global Energy Scenarios.

Before joining IHS CERA, Mr. Stoppard was a research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. In addition, he served as a Parliamentary Special Advisor on energy regulation for the House of Commons Trade and Industry Committee in the UK.

He is the author of numerous IHS CERA reports, including analyses of business models, gas and power convergence in Europe, and LNG trading. In 2010, Mr. Stoppard coauthored with Daniel Yergin an IHS CERA Special Paper, ?The Voice of Gas?.

Mr. Stoppard holds an honors degree from the University of York.