Mario Garnero

CEO, Council President, Brasilinvest

Mario Garnero is CEO and Council President at Brasilinvest Group, a holding company located in Sao Paulo with interests in the financial, telecommunications, infrastructure, real estate and agricultural sectors in Brazil and abroad.

He has been named “Man of the Year” by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, and chairs the National Automakers Association and the National Confederation of Industries. Mr. Garnero has on many occasions helped contribute to Brazil emerging from some tough situations, such as the exchange rate crisis in the early 1980s, by actively seeking to attract foreign investment to Brazil.

In 1978, he founded the Forum das Americas, Brazil’s pioneer think tank on democracy and regional economic integration.

He has been a guest speaker at Columbia, the University of San Diego, Georgetown, and at the Congress in both Brazil and the US, as well as many business forums in the US, Europe and Latin America. He is an active player in debating contemporary affairs through articles and interviews on CNN.

Conscious of the threat to the world posed by climate change and global warming, Mr. Garnero conceived the Sustainable Development Forum, held in New York in 2007 and 2008, which gathered speakers such as Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr and prominent figures from the academic and business world.