Grigori Marchenko

Governor, National Bank of Kazakhstan

Grigoriy Marchenko graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1984 with a specialization in international economic relations. After graduating, he worked for several organizations, including the Nonferrous Metallurgy Ministry in the Kazakh SSR, the Kazakh Scientific-Research Institute, and the Carl Duisberg Ges in Germany. For two years until 1994, he served as assistant to the Vice President of Kazakhstan. In 1994, he was appointed Deputy Governor of the National Bank. He left the National Bank to become chairman of the National Securities Commission in November 1996, and after almost a year in that role, was appointed Presidential adviser. From May 1998 to October 1999 Mr Marchenko was president of DB Securities (Kazakhstan). From there, he then took the role of Governor of the National Bank until 2004. From January to April 2004, he served as First Deputy Prime Minister. He was then appointed adviser to the President until January 2009. From January 2005 to January 2009, he was also chairman of Halyk Bank. In January 2009, he was re-appointed as the Governor of the National Bank.