Brian Patterson

Managing Partner, AIG/Lincoln Europe, AIG/ Lincoln Russia

Brian Patterson was born in 1961 in Texas, USA. After graduating from Rice University in 1984, Brian worked for Trammel Crow Company attending Stanford Business School (class of 1989).

Under Brian?s leadership, AIG/Lincoln Poland has developed 16 projects in Poland over the past 13 years. The projects include 5 office complexes, 5 light industrial and warehouse properties, 2 retail schemes and 3 residential communities. Brian?s team also provides professional property management services for 18 properties (totalling over 550,000 m2) throughout Poland.

Brian is also Managing Director AIG/Lincoln Europe with operations in Czech, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia. The latest project to finish was White Square 75,000 m2 of prime offices in Moscow. Phase II, White Gardens, 65,000 m2 of offices is under construction. The Park Moscow, a 260,000 m2 campus- style office project is projected to start in 2011.