Russian Telecoms: Go Global or Stay Local?

DAY TWO, 09:30-10:45

With VimpelCom Ltd. eyeing to get on the global stage the panel is to focus on examining the rationale behind geographical expansion and discuss both benefits that scale gives and drawbacks of such a strategy. Having representatives of global telecommunications operators with substantial experience on this field to participate in the discussion will make it more fruitful as they are to share their extensive knowledge revealing potential obstacles, common mistakes, risks as well as opportunities that can be of use in assessing the strategy of Russian telecom companies especially that of VimpelCom Ltd. In addition, with there being a strong belief that there only few regions left worldwide that are still attractive for investments this panel will give an opportunity to define regions where ample growth opportunities still exist and whether Russia is considered to be among them or where it stands relative to these regions. Given that there are companies that advocate staying local and opt for utilizing the growth in the domestic market the strategy that has a lot of supporters as Russia is considered to be a country with a high growth potential the panel is to present different views, which is to make the discussion even more lively.