Russian Real Estate sector: Where have we been, where do we go? – A 360 degree view

DAY TWO, 16:00-17:00

Real estate and property backed products were among the reasons for the severe global economic downturn.

In spite of its enormous potential, the real estate sector destroyed value over the last cycle, with a number of Russian companies flirting with bankruptcy. The real estate sector was slow to recover and still faces significant challenges, but notwithstanding this, the real estate sector has tremendous potential: Russian citizens have only 22 m2 per capita of living space, compared to 33 m2 in Europe and commercial space per capita is also low. Will this massive structural undersupply, together with positive economic trends and GDP growth, herald the start of a renewed property up cycle?

A diverse expert panel of market participants will examine what has been learnt from the mistakes of the past, and discuss topical issues including:

  • How sustainable are the first signs for recovery on property market and how credible is future growth?
  • How will Russian banks and investors contribute to the sector recovery?
  • Which subsectors are likely to see the first return of interest from foreign investors?
  • Is the government addressing the right issues?
  • Which business models now work, and above all where is it possible to make money?