Commodities: Pendulum Swings

DAY ONE, 16:15-17:30

The Metals and Mining panel will cover various relevant themes with the focus on the global commodity outlook and key issues facing the mining industry globally and in the CIS

  • Will QE policies in the West together with the growing demand for commodities in China and other emerging economies spark inflation in mining costs? Are there any signs of it happening?
  • Which commodities have the best upside as an investment vehicle and which should be avoided?
  • Is Chinese commodity juggernaut getting out of fuel?
  • New sources of supply: Will African mining industry ever become a rival to Aussie and LatAm? Are the risks of investing there worth taking?
  • What are the limits to growth in the CIS commodity output? What is the necessary scope for the state participation in the mining sector?
  • Labor shortage, infrastructure bottlenecks, resource depletion… What are the main challenges for the global and the CIS mining industry today?
  • Is Russia ripe for the formation of national mining champion and how could this process evolve?