Asia, USA and Russia: The Quest for VC Financing

DAY TWO, 14:30-15:45

Anyone looking for VC funding knows, that US venture capital industry is downsizing. According to Dow Jones LP source report US venture capital funds raised $11.6 billion in 2010, a 14 percent decrease from 2009, and a 70 percent decrease from the $40 billion raised in 2007. Last year marked a seven year low for the venture industry, as limited partners seek outside returns elsewhere. As a result it is expected to see a continued shakeout in the venture industry. Or not? What is the next big source for VC financing in a global market given the increasing interest in venture capital from Russian state authorities and big Asian investors? Venture stats show that US LPs have grown more selective in the funds they invest as well as the amount of capital sunk into the asset class. So where do private VC money come from in 2011? What is venture investment specifics in Russia and Asia? What key risks and opportunities drag private-public partnerships in venture capital industry in Russia and Asia? And who will fund government stake buy-out activity in Russian VC market?