The Industrial Group “Vioil” is one of the leading Ukrainian key oilseeds processing companies. The Group’s core assets of operations are production and sale of edible vegetable oil, rapeseed oil for biodiesel production as well as grain and oilseeds trading. Vioil being a vertically-integrated company operates on all production stages from procurement of grain and oilseeds to processing and sales of finished products. The Group includes Vinnitskiy and Chernovitskiy oil and fat production plants, which can process sunflower seeds, rapeseed and soybeans. The plants have total oilseeds processing capacity of 1400 tonnes per day and bottling capacity of 20 ths bottles per day. Vioil grain and oilseeds storage capacities is 360 thousand tonnes, and oil storage capacity is 33 thousand tonnes. Nearly 90% of the Group’s sales are exported mainly to Europe, Middle East, China, India and CIS countries.