DTEK Holdings B.V.

DTEK, Ukraine’s first vertically integrated energy company, is part of System Capital Management financial-industrial group. DTEK companies form an efficient manufacturing chain involving the mining and enrichment of coal, as well as the generation and distribution of electricity.

DTEK’s coal segment includes Pavlograd Coal (10 mines), Komsomolets Donbas Mine and five enrichment facilities. The generation segment is represented by Vostokenergo and associated companies: Dniproenergo, in which DTEK holds a 47.55% stake, and Zakhidenergo (24.9% stake). Service-Invest, PES-Energougol and the associated company Donetskoblenergo (in which DTEK holds 30.6%) work in the transmission and distribution segment.

DTEK also holds a 39.98% stake in Kyivenergo, which provides a full cycle of energy supply to Ukraine’s capital, with a unified process for production, transport and supply of heat and electric energy.