OJSC “Bank Saint Petersburg”

Bank of St Petersburg is the third-largest bank in its home Northwest Federal District behind state banks Sberbank and VTB, and has a market share of 12% by assets, 16% by corporate loans and 9% by retail deposits in St Petersburg. It serves over 1 mln retail customers and 35,000 corporate clients through a 36-strong branch network, mainly focused on the Northwest Federal District. Central to the bank?s investment case is its very strong local positioning, with close links to city authorities.

Bank St Petersburg?s main focus has traditionally been corporate banking (which accounts for 93% of its loan book), although since its IPO in late 2007, the bank has focused on building its retail business. Its main source of funding is corporate deposits; in all, over 70% of liabilities come from deposits and the loan/deposit ratio is 104%.